Back to the future: graduates open time capsule

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    SPARTA-The eighth grade students graduating from Reverend Brown Memorial School in Sparta celebrated their baccalaureate mass, on June 7, with a special event. After mass concluded, they opened a time capsule that was created fifteen years ago. The student council of 1989-1990 created the time capsule to commemorate the school's 35th anniversary in 1990. The capsule was designed and buried with the intention of opening it the year Reverend Brown celebrated it's 50th anniversary, which was this year. Two sixth graders, Michael Grano and Donald Gubitosi, designed and built the container in 1990, and the student council chose the articles to be included inside. Some of the items were a Reverend Brown yearbook, textbooks, a video of students and teachers, a People magazine, photographs, a list of the top songs and movies of the time, which ironically included "Back to the Future," and a letter to the 2005 graduation class. This year's graduates viewed the items for the first time after their special mass in Our Lady of the Lake Church. The newly elected 2005 student council president, Taylor Vozza, showed each piece. Meanwhile, one of the designers, Dr. Michael Grano, now from Hamburg, read the letter from the class of 1990 to the class of 2005. The letter asked the new graduates what their uniforms looked like, and if the classrooms were still green, then the Class of 1990 wished the best for the Class of 2005.