Byram singer to debut her first solo CD

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:47

    BYRAM-As the youngest of eight children Nina Peterson knew early on that she needed to find her own place among her musically talented group of siblings. When Nina was a child, she witnessed first hand how one performer with a guitar and a few songs could make a whole room of people have an unforgettable evening. That performer was her older brother Eric and the unforgettable evening took place in their parents basement during a party. "That experience changed my life forever, because I knew that I had to learn to play guitar and sing so that I too could make an impact like that," recalls Peterson. She then taught herself to play the guitar using the printed chord diagrams included in the albums of some famous musicians. After college, where she believes she really learned the proper singing techniques while a member of the Penn State Women's Chorus, Peterson returned to her Pennsylvania home where she began playing professionally in local bars and Pocono Mountain Resorts. "Around this time, I also started to compose original tunes, some of which speak directly to the very close bond that I have with my family. While other tunes just simply ‘rock out,'" said Peterson. In 1994, Peterson got her first major exposure when she was featured on a regional radio program called "Home Grown," produced by radio personality George Graham. A few years later Nina met Dina Hall, also a singer/song writer/guitarist and a new facet of her musical career was born. "Our acoustic-rock feel and vocal harmonies seemed to blend together, so we decided to join forces, calling ourselves ‘Nina-n-Dina.' We expanded our playing area to include Northern New Jersey and Philadelphia," says Peterson. Nina recently finished production on her debut solo CD "New York Daydream." Much of the album is rooted in Peterson's ability to tell a story, not only through words, but also in phrasing the instrumental melody to reinforce the story. The influence of major singer/songwriters like Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, and Shawn Colvin is evident in her craft. "The kickoff is a culmination of the 12 months I spent recording the CD. It's been a wonderful learning experience, and I am very proud of the result," says the performer. Peterson will debut her new solo CD at 8:30 p.m., on Saturday, March 19, at the Village Saloon, located at 712 Woodport Road in Sparta. Peterson, who now resides in Byram Township, is excited about the release "party" at the Village Saloon because it's her musical introduction to the Sparta area. "The Sparta people have been so generous and supportive and I'd like them to know how much I appreciate everything they've done," said the performer. For more information call Barbara at the Village Saloon at 973-729-5110.