Byram tree climber branches out

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    SUSSEX COUNTY-The Dudziec family of Byram Township is branching out into another career path. Jennifer and Glenn Dudziec, owner of Global Shade, a professional tree service company are starting up a discounted home décor business called Madgets, which will be located at 16 Main Street in Hamburg. The shop's grand opening is scheduled for the July 4th weekend. Trendy, casual, home décor with a "funky flair" is the theme of the items sold at Madgets. The store carries an eclectic array of items from home-spun pottery and pot racks, to wrought iron wall hangings, antique replicas, to crafts and soy candles. The shop's décor reflects the owners' personalities - welcoming and friendly. "When people leave our store, we want them to feel they had a comfortable, unique and different shopping experience. We are a local store with a family touch to it," said Jennifer Dudziec. The store features some unique pieces designed by the Dudziecs. All of the display cases and the checkout counter have been created by Glenn Dudziec, a tree service professional, out of slices of tree trunks and feature the tree bark still intact and tree stumps used as the legs. The counter hangs from the ceiling with fisherman's rope. A tree that looks as though it has grown out from the carpeting all the way up into the ceiling, but that was in fact created by the Dudziecs, commands the center of the store and displays some of the items for sale. The windows are decorated with leaf covered branches and wrapped with vines to give them a natural and outdoorsy feel. "The décor of our shop is personal to us, plus we thought the store should look different from any other store we've been in. We wanted to keep the tree theme as it's been a part of our family for 20 years," said Jennifer Dudziec. The store offers the shopper a treasure in every nook and cranny. Even the name, Madgets, is a little secret of its own. Madgets is a combination of Madison and Bridget, the name of the Dudziecs' two daughters. "This is a family owned business, we wanted to pull it all together to include everyone even though they are still very young," said Jennifer. The new shop owners expressed optimism about the future of their store and Hamburg. The Dudziecs believe specialty stores such as theirs will make Hamburg's Main Street a must-visit area in Sussex County. "We love the fact that Main Street in Hamburg is a quaint little street with lots of shops and we have high hopes that it will flourish," said Glenn Dudziec. "Selling home décor at discount prices is exciting because there's nothing in Hamburg like this." Madgets can be reached at 973-827-9119.