Can-Can history comes to life at Wild West City

| 05 Sep 2017 | 02:22

BYRAM — You watch the old western TV shows and movies and invariably there is a scene in the saloon. Cowboys are swigging drinks, tables are filled with card players, and a piano player whips up a lively tune as Can-Can girls perform a high kicking number on stage.
At Wild West City in Byram Township, the Can-Can girls perform every day the park is open on a stage situated on the western theme park's Main Street.
Three of the "regulars" make it a family affair. Mother and daughter Debi and Kaity Schnelbacher often take the stage together, as does Katie Benson, whose family owns Wild West City.
"It's a lot of fun and people really get a kick out of it," said Benson, with no pun intended. "Can-Can girls were very popular in their time, that's for sure. It's a part of the old west history even if its somewhat exaggerated on the old shows."
Interestingly the history of Can-Can girls dates back to France in the 1840s where men also originally performed the dance with females. It became a staple in the United States in the late 1860s, particularly in the west. By then, only women were Can-Can girls. Performing as a Can-Can is athletic. Done traditionally, it is a high-energy, physically demanding dance that oftentimes features high kicks, splits and cartwheels.
The dance was considered scandalous in its day, and for a while, there were attempts to repress it. This may have been partly because in the 19th century, women wore pantalettes, and a high kick could be unintentionally revealing. Occasionally, people dancing the Can-Can were arrested, but there is no actual record of it being banned, as some accounts have claimed.
Can-Can performances at Wild West City are one of many historical aspects to the old west that can be seen there, with re-creations of notable events a big part of a typical day, along with stage coach rides, museum artifacts, live entertainment at the Golden Nugget Saloon, and special guest attractions every weekend.
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