‘Leave no pebble unturned’: Visitors dazzled by Gem and Mineral Show

Franklin. Visitors browsed vendors who brought local and worldwide minerals, gems, fossils, and jewelry to the show.

| 12 Oct 2021 | 02:52

The Franklin Fire Department Hall and grounds sparkled with treasure at the 65th annual Gem and Mineral Show.

Sponsored by the Franklin Mineral Museum, the indoor show featured 14 vendors showing local and worldwide minerals, gems, fossils, and jewelry.

Indoor vendor Bob Batic of Bobby’s 2nd Act Collectibles displayed his minerals and gems that, incredibly, came from the earth under Lower Manhattan. “Garnets and mica were mined from the Lower Manhattan and Harlem areas when water tunnels were being constructed back in 1972,” said Batic.

His perfect tourmaline specimens were mined in the general location of Freedom Tower, the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex.

Outdoor visitors enjoyed the sunshine and browsed vendors like Just Keep A Rockin’ Collectible Minerals, which specializes in minerals from the Franklin and the Sterling Hill mining districts. Their motto is “We leave no pebble unturned.”

Studio Mineralia Earth Art Gallery combines minerals and art. By the way, the vendor’s name just happens to be Jonathon Stone.

Ralph Kovach of Fluorescent Cabochons of Stanhope self-mines and fashions beautiful jewelry using all fluorescent materials.

To learn more about local rocks, minerals, and gems, visit the Franklin-Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society website, fomsnj.org.