Local chef publishes Italian cookbook

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:49

Andover Township — Rick Melfi of Andover has published “The Food Pusher’s Cookbook: Recollections and Recipes of an Italian American Tradition.” Over the years, Melfi discovered that practically everyone knows a food pusher. It might be a friend, a family member, or a perfect stranger. Within moments after walking in their door — perhaps even for the first time — they will ask, “Would you like something to eat?” It’s a rhetorical question and regardless of your answer, you will sit, and you will eat. In “The Food Pusher’s Cookbook,” Melfi opens the family recipe vault with the spirit of abundance and love for food with which it was invariably served. Most are his mother’s and grandmother’s original recipes, no doubt going back countless generations further. He also includes creations of his own that extend the finest Italian tradition. There are 175 recipes in this cookbook and each is accented with family reflections and/or serving tips. Melfi also has photos of food for a lot of the recipes and family pictures to accent the chapters. As a professional chef for 30 years, most recently as chef of the Coaches Club at the New Meadowlands Stadium, Melfi has lived around great food. This love and passion has been shared with his family, co-workers and friends throughout the years. He also took his love of food to the Andover Township Volunteer Fire Department where he has served as a former chief and current president, as well as the head cook and bottle washer, for over 20 years. “The Food Pusher’s Cookbook” is available at www.BarnesandNoble.com and at www.Amazon.com.