Red Cross teaches kids how to be lifesavers

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    LAFAYETTE-The Sussex County Chapter of the American Red Cross recently held its 4th annual "Kids Can Be Lifesavers Too!" Day for children ages four to 10 years old. Nearly 30 children attended the event, and were taught age appropriate safety programs. Members of the chapter's youth council and Junior Red Cross taught the children about basic water safety, home trampoline safety, fire safety, first aid, disaster preparedness, handwashing and wellness, stranger danger, and seatbelt safety. Northeast Search and Rescue Teams were there with rescue dogs to teach wilderness survival to the children. The day was held at Schutz Gymnastics in Lafayette, where the children participated in a "fire safety" obstacle course, which included climbing ladders, swinging from ropes, climbing a rock wall, walking across beams, crawling through a tunnel, stop-drop-and-rolling down a hill of mats. They also learned how the Red Cross works as a team to help people prevent, prepare for and recover from disasters. The children then participated in team-building activities to reinforce the importance of working collectively to accomplish a goal. It was a day of education and play. The children were visited by Scrubby Bear and a firefighter, the Mighty Blood Drop, and rescue dogs Blitz, Reba and Red. Visit the chapter's website at or call Kristi 973-579-1600 ext. 13 for information on how children can volunteer with the Red Cross, or for information on how to bring programs like "Scrubby Bear", "Whales Tales" or fire safety to a children's group or school.