Ringing their way into seniors' hearts

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

Sparta — Over the 4th of July weekend, members of St. Mary's Junior Bell Choir performed at a local senior citizen home. They performed in the hallways, in the breakfast room, and in private rooms. The many onlookers enjoyed watching the children's faces just as much as listening to the music. One of the residents even helped to ring one of the bells, and since there were color-coded posters for each song, it was easy for newcomers to join them. The children learned that a little good deed goes a long way. When they performed for a bedridden woman, she was so grateful and looked genuinely happier. The children left feeling that they had made her day. The outreach trip was the culmination of the bell choir's first year. Lee Roeder, 17, is the conductor, and the youngest member is just four years old. The bell choir is hoping to continue performing at local senior citizen homes. St. Mary's Episcopal Church is located at 85 Conestoga Trail in Sparta.