SCCC offers art and design classes

| 20 Nov 2017 | 11:48

    — For students with a passion for art and design, Sussex County Community College has five studio arts programs that will bring out the "arts" in those looking to break into the field, and earn their Associates in Fine Arts degree. Additionally, for those intending to go on to a 4-year college, the SCCC programs make it a seamless transition.
    Aspiring teachers can enroll in the art education sequence which features classes in 2D and 3D arts, digital and graphic design. The program integrates producing art with classes in art history, visual culture and art criticism. Students can learn philosophies of art and art education theory along with the integration of art with social justice, values and beliefs.
    Students in the architecture design sequence take classes in art, art history, theory and technology and do studio work in preparation for transfer to a BFA major in architectural design.
    A fashion design program this close to America’s fashion capital in New York City can be an exciting challenge for students. They will produce custom clothing or costumes and besides hands-on classes in design, transfer and implementing patters, students learn about the history of the fashion industry. This will enable them to leave SCCC with a portfolio ready to take them to a four-year program.
    The interior design option includes art history and theory as well as studio work and is also in preparation for transfer to a BFA program.
    Photography students have the option of entering straight into professional work or transferring to a fine arts/photography degree program. They learn the traditional chemistry of darkroom and printing methods as well as digital photography. Students also have the benefit of new photography facilities.
    "Our students have many opportunities for work or transfer. SCCC is committed to cultivating students’ talents and interests.” said Kathleen Peterson, director of marketing.
    Enrollment for spring classes begins November 27th. For questions on getting started, please contact SCCC's Admissions Office at 973.300.2223 or email For more information on these courses, and other courses and degree and non-degree programs offered at SCCC, please visit