Sparta Greene Beans offers a solution for the summer heat

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    SPARTA-As summer heats up everyone is looking for the perfect refreshment.  We know it's not soda: the sugar doesn't do a lot to quench one's thirst. Summertime begs for iced tea. It's the flexible drink n it can be made as as tart or sweet as one chooses. Toss in a lemon wedge and some fresh mint from the garden and summer just doesn't get any better. Let's set the record straight: you don't have to live south of the Mason/Dixon line to enjoy iced tea. North of the border iced tea is brewed fresh daily at Greene's Beans Cafes in Hackettstown, Long Valley and Sparta. The Greene brothers have commemorated Iced Tea Month in June by offering a different and special iced tea each week, along with the standard Irish Breakfast blend. Iced Tea Season doesn't stop there. Iced chai-style beverages, many of which are now offered low-carb style, can really hit the spot, serving as the dual purpose of a snack and a refreshment. There are other options as well, according to the Greene Brothers, the Chai Guys of Northwest New Jersey. "Many of the hot herbal beverages - technically ‘tisanes' - we enjoy over the winter for their calming as well as warming effect become summer pick-me-ups over ice cubes," noted Dave Greene. Greene's Beans Café is located at 31 Theatre Centre in Sparta. For more information about Greene Brothers Specialty Coffee Roasters call the Sparta shot at (973) 726-8800 or on the Web at