Summer lasts a little longer at Wild West City

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:03

    BYRAM — The summer season may be coming to an end, but at Wild West City in Byram Township there is still plenty of excitement to be had with a host of special events on tap for families looking to enjoy the early autumn weekends with some down home fun. Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3-5, the Intertribal Native American Dancers return to “Dodge” for their amazing performances and then on Sept. 10 it is Grandparents Day where grandparents get free admission with a paid child. And then on Sunday Sept. 11, Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends make their annual trek to the park Wild West City Character Day. This unique event features special performances and photo ops with the larger than life, cartoon-like figures who have been entertaining groups throughout the region for over 20 years. This special one day appearance by Rapid T. Rabbit, Brenden Wolf, Bobby Bobcat, JD Pup, and Vinny Beaver, comes to park-goers at no additional fee. The following weekend, Sept. 17-18, is the ever popular Wild West City Dress Up Day. Young cowboys and cowgirls, and those young at heart, can dress up as their favorite western figures—good or bad, real or fiction—to receive $5 off admission. “It’s a way for kids to really get into the old west mood,” said owner Mike Stabile. “They become part of the history.” Jesse James, Annie Oakley, and the Lone Ranger are popular characters on Dress Up Day, but who could forget Wild Bill Cody, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, or Wyatt Earp? The list goes on and on. Wild West City, originally conceived as a re-creation of Dodge City, features a broad main street lined by hitching rails, old wooden sidewalks and storefronts and assorted exhibits. A day at the park features stagecoach rides, and a host of shows and stunts as scenes from the old west, such as the Shootout at the OK Corral and horse riding exploits, are played out. An authentic one-room school house and a quaint chapel, which has actually served as the backdrop for real life weddings, are added attractions. For more information, 973-347-8900 or visit the website at