Thinking outside the gift box

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    SPARTA-The Wine Bottle Cheese Board Co., Inc., was founded by Nancy Thayer Haggerty of Sparta. She began the business by using recycled wine bottles and heating them until they melted flat and could be used as cheese platters, cutting boards on the bar, or spoon rests. Haggerty originally soaked the bottles to remove their labels. Then her husband, Larry, asked, "Why not put the label back on the bottle after it's melted, rather than leaving them lying around making a mess in our kitchen?" The products soon be came so popular, they are now sold in more than 2500 shops around the country. The business has moved from her house to a local building, and has grown to include other gift items such as labeled wineglasses, wine bottle candles, cork candles, an old book clock, and a book box. Haggerty has won "Best of Show," out of 350 exhibitors, at the New York Stationery Show for most innovative and creative new gift item. The company, now known as Outside the Box Giftware, is located at 8A Marian Rd, in the Sparta/Rt. 181 jughandle. Call them at 973-729-6877 or visit