Z Dance Troupe reaps gold medals and more at national competition

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

sussex county - Ziegler Dance Centre’s Z Dance Troupe completed its competition season by participating in “On Stage,” a National Talent Competition in Cape May. A segment of the competition gave dancers a chance to enter a Star Performer Mock Audition. The purpose of the event, which was held as if it were a Broadway-style dancer’s audition, was to prepare them for auditions in the professional dance world. The hundreds of entrants were first cut to 24 spots, 12 of which were held by dancers from the Z Dance Troupe. The judges then had a second cut bringing the count down to six performers, including Z Troupe member Courtney Chlominski, a soloist and group dancer, who won Second Runner-Up. During the main competition, senior tap soloist James Keller competed for the senior Title Soloist Award and was named 1st Runner-Up. Brittany Piela was presented third Overall Teen Solo Award for her Jazz solo, “Big Time.” Lindsay Dunn won first Overall Junior Solo for her song and dance solo “Never Fully Dressed.” The Petite Hip Hop large group, “Kids in America,” placed second overall and the Petite Tap small group, “New York New York,” received first overall. The Z Dance Troupe and its creative instructors and choreographers, Peggy Ziegler, Renee Ziegler, and Doreen Ziegler, brought home six Diamond, 11 Platinum, 25 High Gold and 29 Gold Awards. The members of the Troupe are: Hannah Alford, Stephanie Bahamonde, Tara Bailey, Jenifer Baxter, Richard Baxter, Codi Beauvais, Courtney Berado, Danielle Berado, Ashleigh Berge, Kevin Berge, Megan Blust, Amber Blanchard, Mackenzie Bolt, Rebecca Boutillette, Leia Campbell, Catrina Casper, Courtney Cholminski, Gabrielle Conte, Joe Conti, Brittany Crispino, Jared Crispino, Noelle Crispino, Brittany Dassatti, Caitlin Dean, Cyndy Della, Chelsey Devens, Juliette DiBartolo, Gabriella DiMartino, Isabella DiMartino, Michelle DiMartino, Lauren Dittmeire, Allyson Doyle, Lindsey Dunn, Jennifer Dupre, Heather Fuduli, Susan Gallagher, Gabrielle Garcia, Kellie Haberstroh, Aubry Hablitz, Samantha Hall, Danielle Harris, Michelle Hemberger, Alexsis Hipper, Charissa Hom, Katie Insolera, Brianna Keller, James Keller, Stephanie Keller, Tara Kolakoski, Tristan Krause, Kristie Kretz, Nicole Lacherza, Stephanie Leitner, Justin Lopez, Amanda Losco, Ashley Maggio, Kelsey Maggio, Danielle Marushan, Sarah McIlvaine, Haillye Miller, Elisabeth Montanaro, Alyssa Morrissey, Larissa Oakley, Brianna O’Loughlin, Brianna Pappas, Travis Pappas, Ashley Papa, Brittany Papa, Shelby Parrish, Amber Paulison, Joey Perez, Amanda Peslak, Brittany Piela, Cameron Piela, Kaitlin Rago, Noelle Roberts, Jennifer Ruchalski, Jessica Rueger, Brooke Stanton, Sierra Struble, Ansley Stuart, Emily Tanis, Matt Tiberi, Kayla Tlatelpa, Mike VanVliet, Ryan VanVliet, Emily Vanderhoff, Tami Vargas, Adrianna Vicino, Marisa Walker, Josh Weiner, Samantha Weiner, Brianna White, Danielle Zaremba.