Ziegler dancers win in Challenge of Champions

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:01

    Sussex county - The Z Dance Troupe of Ziegler Dance Centre in McAfee, recently completed its 2004-2005 Competition season right in step, winning first and fourth place awards in the On Stage America’s national Challenge of Champions competition. The challenge is a dance-off among 20 groups, ten seniors and ten juniors, chosen from the 550 that entered the competition. It is a Dance Off Competition were the judges chose 20 performances from the 550 entered in the competition to compete against each other. There were 10 selected from the Junior Division (12 & under) and 10 from the Senior Division (13 & under). The Z Troupe’s junior division (12 and under) large group, “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” took fourth place. The senior group (13 and under), “Alladin,” received a perfect score from the judges and was presented First Place Overall. Both groups were choreographed and taught by Renee Ziegler. The members of the winning groups are: Stephanie Bahamonde, Tara Bailey, Jenifer Baxter, Richard Baxter, Danielle Berado, Ashleigh Berge, Amber Blanchard, Leia Campbell, Courtney Cholminski, Brittany Crispino, Jared Crispino, Noelle Crispino, Caitlin Dean, Cyndy Della, Juliette DiBartolo, Michelle DiMartino, Lauren Dittmeire, Lindsey Dunn, Samantha Hall, Danielle Harris, Michelle Hemberger, Charissa Hom, James Keller, Stephanie Keller, Tara Kolakoski, Tristan Krause, Nicole Lacherza, Amanda Losco, Gabrielle Garcia, Ashley Maggio, Danielle Marushan, Sarah McIlvaine, Elisabeth Montanaro, Alyssa Morrissey, Brianna O’Loughlin, Brianna Pappas, Travis Pappas, Brittany Piela, Kaitlin Rago, Ansley Stuart, Matt Tiberi, Mike VanVliet, Ryan VanVliet, Adrianna Vicino, Marisa Walker, Josh Weiner, Samantha Weiner, Danielle Zaremba.