Ziegler wins

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    Sussex County - The Ziegler Dance Troupe recently took part in the Sophisticated Productions Dance Competition in Jersey City, winning two silver, 25 gold, 17 high gold, 18 platinum, and four sophisticated platinum medals. The performers led by Peggy Ziegler, Renee Ziegler and Doreen Ziegler, brought home several overall awards and titles too. Kim Thiessen was awarded an Overall Soloist award for the 17-18 age division and a Diva award. "Cell Block Tango," a musical theater small group, was given an overall group award and a Broadway Here We Come award for the 15-16 age division. The line productions "Tarzan" and "T-Thriller" tied for first overall in the senior division. Kaitlin Rago was presented a Dance Diva award and was first runner-up in the 13-14 age division. The troupe's 9-10 age division did just as well. The large tap group, "Working 9 to 5" won the Title Large Group award. Jenifer Baxter was presented title runner-up and Alexsis Hipper was title winner for the 9-10 age division. The 4-8 age performers won the best overall awards for the division. Heather Rose Fuduli won the overall soloist award, "New Ballet" won the overall duet/trio award, "Little Night Music" accepted the overall small group award, and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" took best overall large group. The judges presented the Ziegler Dance Troupe with many other special awards. "Do You Believe in Magic" got a Happy Feet award, "The Guys" won a MTV award, "Stomp to the Beat," a Tap Machine award, and "Tarzan" was presented with a Great Spacing award. The duets "Swinging On A Star" won a Rising Star award, "Cure for the Itch" a Clean Tap award, Alexsis and Dan Hipper a Fred and Ginger award, and "Friend to Me" received a Looking Like One Dancer award. Soloist Alyssa Morrissey was given a Grace award, Lindsay Dunn a Look Out Broadway award, Amanda Peslak a Beautiful Ponche award, Courtney Cholminski a Picture Perfect award, Amber Blanchard a Class Act award, Matthew Mortensen a Hot Stuff award, and Kristie Kretz a Show Must Go On award. The judges gave the award for the most spirit and best sportsmanship to the Ziegler troupe. There are many parents that are dedicated and a special part of the Ziegler Troupe. One of them, Bob Keller, won a Best Stage Dad Performance award. The members of the Troupe are: Stephanie Bahamonde, Tara Bailey, Jenifer Baxter, Richard Baxter, Codi Beauvais, Courtney Berado, Danielle Berado, Ashleigh Berge, Kevin Berge, Megan Blust, Amber Blanchard, Rebecca Boutillette, Leia Campbell, Courtney Cholminski, Gabrielle Conte, Brittany Crispino, Jared Crispino, Noelle Crispino, Caitlin Dean, Cyndy Della, Juliette DiBartolo, Gabriella DiMartino, Michelle DiMartino, Lauren Dittmeire, Allyson Doyle, Lindsey Dunn, Heather Fuduli, Gabrielle Garcia, Kellie Haberstroh, Samantha Hall, Danielle Harris, Michelle Hemberger, Alexsis Hipper, Charissa Hom, Marissa Huttner, Brianna Keller, James Keller, Stephanie Keller, Tara Kolakoski, Tristan Krause, Kristie Kretz, Nicole Lacherza, Stephanie Leitner, Amanda Losco, Ashley Maggio, Kelsey Maggio, Danielle Marushan, Sarah McIlvaine, Elisabeth Montanaro, Alyssa Morrissey, Mathew Mortensen, Sean Mortensen, Brianna O'Loughlin, Brianna Pappas, Travis Pappas, Ashley Papa, Brittany Papa, Joey Perez, Amanda Peslak, Brittany Piela, Kaitlin Rago, Amanda Robertiello, Noelle Roberts, Brooke Stanton, Ansley Stuart, Emily Tanis, Matt Tiberi, Kim Thiessen, Mike VanVliet, Ryan VanVliet, Emily Vanderhoff, Adrianna Vicino, Lauren Vogedes, Marisa Walker, Josh Weiner, Samantha Weiner, Danielle Zaremba.