Kaleidoscope classes assist with sea turtle recovery

Youth. Local students have been learning about sea turtles and finding ways to share that information with the public.

| 13 Mar 2020 | 03:38

If you visited the second floor of Kittatinny's junior high last week, you'd have seen that the entire length of the hallway was decorated with bright, colorful sea grass and sea creatures. You'd also see a variety of information about Sea Turtles. It's all a part of students' Kaleidoscope classes, which are a special effort to assist the New Jersey Sea Turtle recovery's efforts.

The students have been learning a lot about sea turtles and have been finding ways to share this information. The students spent time educating other students about sea turtles, their plight, and how they can assist by donating postage stamps.

“Sea Yourself Making a Difference,” is the slogan that serves as a reminder to donate a book of stamps to help the sea turtle recovery efforts.

Teacher Ellen Kolonoski leads the Kaleidoscope students in this project.