‘Open That Bottle Night’ fundraiser is tonight

ANDOVER. The local event, which benefits Project Self-Sufficiency, this year will include fine wines, sumptuous food and an auction.

| 24 Feb 2024 | 05:40

The Hudson Farm Club will host a local celebration of the internationally acclaimed “Open That Bottle Night” in support of Project Self-Sufficiency at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24.

The event was conceived more than 20 years ago by the former authors of the Wall Street Journal’s “Tastings” column, John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter.

The worldwide “Open that Bottle Night” celebration encourages those who have been saving a special bottle of wine to gather with other wine-enthusiasts and create a memorable wine-tasting experience. The bottles of wine need not be particularly expensive.

The event now is celebrated around the world.

The local event this year will include fine wines, sumptuous food and an auction. Musical entertainment will be provided by the jazz quartet Meant to Be.

In addition to the wines that will be available, participants are invited to bring a bottle of wine so they can share their story about its origin with the other guests.

The event will be hosted by Peter and Cynnie Kellogg, Blake and Cathy Ellman, and Lou and Kathy Esposito.

Organizers of the event include Project Self-Sufficiency Leadership Council members Blake and Cathy Ellman as well as board member Kathy Esposito and her husband, Lou.

“What could be better than enjoying the company of friends at a beautiful place like the Hudson Farm Club, drinking great wine and making a contribution to benefit the life-changing services that an organization like Project Self-Sufficiency provides?” said Blake Ellman.

Kathy Esposito said, “ ‘Open That Bottle Night’ is not just a celebration of our fine wine; it’s a toast to the spirit of resilience and community in Sussex County. At Project Self-Sufficiency, we believe in opening doors and extending our hand. This event is a reminder that sometimes, the best way to savor life is by uncorking the moments that bring us together. Cheers to shared stories, shared bottles and the shared journey toward self-sufficiency!”

Deborah Berry-Toon, executive director of Project Self-Sufficiency, said, “ ‘Open That Bottle Night’ is a significant component of our annual campaign, and one whose message reminds us that we need not wait for a special occasion to celebrate with family and friends. We are grateful to Peter Kellogg and the members of the Hudson Farm Club for their extraordinary hospitality.”

The affair will be held at the Hudson Farm Club in Andover, a 3,800-acre private hunting preserve originally owned by railroad magnate John McRoy, who operated a dairy farm on the property. In 1920, the property was donated to the Hudson Guild, a charitable organization in New York City.

Sponsorship packages for “Open that Bottle Night” are available at a variety of levels, ranging from $500 for individual tickets to the “Oenophile” level at $10,000.

To purchase tickets, go online to www.projectselfsufficiency.org/open-that-bottle-night or call 973-940-3500.