Sussex County’s groundhog debates Phil’s prediction

WANTAGE. Stonewall Jackson VI says spring is on its way

| 08 Feb 2023 | 04:51

Punxsutawney Phil is famous.

Each year, thousands of people gather as men dressed in top hats and fancy coats hold a ceremony to see if the groundhog will see his shadow in Punxsutawney, Pa.

On Feb. 2, he saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of winter.


Wait just a second.

We have our own weather-predicting groundhog in Sussex County. He lives on Space Farms in Wantage, and his name is Stonewall Jackson VI.

He comes from a lineage of spring-forecasting groundhogs.

State Assemblyman Parker Space, who owns Space Farms, brings him out on Groundhog Day each year.

“He did not see his shadow, so looks like an early spring,” Space said.

Only time will tell whether the super star from Pennsylvania or the pundit from Wantage will be correct.