Therapy cat warms hearts

NEWTON. Certified feline behaviorist Camille Re takes her Maine Coon to hospitals, nursing homes and libraries.

Newton /
| 11 Feb 2024 | 02:24

In today’s hectic world, it is comforting to know that therapy animals are available to lessen the stresses of life.

Camille Re of Newton is a certified feline behaviorist and owner of HELPMEOWT, which offers consultations and educational seminars.

Recently, she held a pet therapy session for members of the Glenwood-Pochuck Volunteer Ambulance Squad and members of Atlantic Mobile Health.

In attendance was Re’s 17-pound and growing, almost 1-year-old Maine Coon cat named Mutzzie.

The super fluffy cat was certified as a therapy pet by Creature Comforts Pet Therapy of Madison.

After acing the training and testing, Mutzzie visit hospitals, nursing homes and libraries throughout the area, bringing joy and comfort to many.

According to Re, the cat enjoys his pet therapy gig and so do the recipients.

“Older folks love Mutzzie. One older gentleman loves lions, and to him, Mutzzie fits the bill. Even the doctors make sure they visit with the fluffy white feline,” she said.

Pet visitations have been shown to help lower blood pressure, create a calming atmosphere, and activate thought and speech processes.

“Not only does Mutzzie love petting, he adores snuggling and belly rubs,” Re said.

He also scores with his adorable tricks, such as shaking “hands,” fist- pumping and, his best, ringing the bell.

He learned them all in about one week, Re said, adding that cats can learn tricks through repetition just as dogs do.

For information about Re’s behavioral consultations or pet therapy visits, go online to or call 862-812-0639.

For information about pet therapy certification, call Creature Comforts Pet Therapy at 973-285-9083.