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    NEWTON-To Catherine Brady and Eric Falkowski, Newton, a girl, Alexis Trinity Falkowski, on April 03. To Tara (Magi) and Tom Mac Glashan, Frankford Twp., a girl, Molly Diane, on April 17. To Kimberly Ann (Shoup) and Robert Richard Decker, Milford Pa., a boy, Ryan Richard, on April 18. To Nancy (Monahan) and Brian Margarum, Wantage, a boy, Sean Philip, on April 18. To Suzanne (Martin) and Peter Billgert, Hamburg, a girl, Gabriella Kristina, on April 19. To Brittany (Reubish) and David King, Wantage, a girl, Katelyn Elizabeth, on April 19. To Maria J. (Barcelowsky) and Michael Lewis, Vernon, a boy, Ethan Frank, on April 19. To Nicole (Harford) and Shawn Little, Wantage, a girl, Erika Nicole, on April 20. To Helen (Cowles) and Lawrence Henry Love III, Mount Tabor, a boy, Charles Francis, on April 20. To Karen (Hecht) and Keith McCarthy, Hamburg, a boy, Evan Ward, on April 20. To Eva Michelle (Maddix) and Jose Miguel Sovero, Flanders, a girl, Emily Isabel, on April 20. To Rebecca Riker and Harry Lonas, Montague, a girl, Abigail Lynn Riker, on April 20. To Melissa V. Babcock and Eric Bodle, Sussex, a girl, Audrianna Cheri Bodle, on April 21 To Jennifer (Oprandy) and Charles Cimaglia, Sussex, a girl, Brooke Corrine, on April 21 To Leanne (Henderson) and Paul Kozlak, Stockholm, a girl, Victoria Lynn, on April 22 To Jhessyca Rae Owens and Luis Fernando Gallego, Newton, a girl, Abriella Jade Gallego, on April 22 To Amanda Roach and James J. Ledford, Sussex, a boy, Joseph Bowen Ledford, on April 22 To Cindy VanderMark and Jason Crozier, Franklin, a girl, Jordan Ashley Crozier, on April 22 To Heather Rea (Kolloff) and Brandt Anderson, Newton, a boy, Brady Robert, on April 24 To Dorothy MacKerley and Mark Houghtaling, Franklin, a girl, Morgan Jean Houghtaling, on April 24