New spiritual leader for Jewish Community Center of Sussex County

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:03

    Chabad welcomes Rabbi Dubov Sparta — Rabbi Mendel Dubov has been appointed as the new spiritual leader of the Chabad Jewish Center of Sussex County. Rabbi Dubov and his wife Chava Dubov will head all educational, social, charitable and religious services provided by the Jewish Center. Dubov hails from Wimbledon, England. He studied in some of the world's foremost rabbinical academies from Australia to New York City, where he earned his advanced rabbinical ordination. His wife was born and raised in Rockaway, where her parents are the regional directors of the Chabad Center of Northwest New Jersey, which is headquartered in Rockaway Township. Mrs. Dubov is an acclaimed educator and studied at teaching seminaries in Israel and America. Rabbi Shmuel and Toby Lewis initiated the Sussex County Jewish Center in 2002. Over the next nine years they helped the fledgling branch grow into an organization boasting a wide array of communal and charitable programs, outreach activities, as well as a burgeoning synagogue, Hebrew school and Adult Education Institute. "We feel privileged to be connected the altruism permeating this institution. There are currently some 3,500 Chabad Centers around the world directed by approximately 4,000 couples. We feel humbled and privileged to join their ranks," said Rabbi Dubov. "Our Chabad Jewish Center is an outgrowth of the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of blessed memory. He passionately asked all would listen to volunteer their services and establish institutions with an address that every human being could turn to fill their spiritual, material or social needs," Dubov said. The offices of the Chabad Jewish Center are located at 191 Woodport Road in Sparta. Rabbi Mendel and Chava Dubov can be reached at 973-726-3333 or by e-mail at Their Web site is