Sabatini earns Gold Award

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:35

BYRAM — Byram resident Angelica Sabatini recently earned her Girl Scout Gold Award and was recognized by the Byram mayor and council. Sabatini, a member of Troop 943 and recent graduate from Lenape Valley Regional High School, completed her project Byram Goes Green during her senior year. The project, which was funded in part by Clean Communities Fund, focused on recycling. Sabatini organized and manned a booth at Byram Day, gave out information about recycling, distributed reusable shopping bags and conducted a survey that asked what types of items people at the event recycled regularly. The survey also asked what people were willing to recycle in the future. Sabatini compiled the data and posted it on the Byram Township website. Sabatini also shared her knowledge and experience with the younger girls in her troop and worked on recycling badges in an effort to promote good habits at home. 97 percent of people who took the survey recycled regularly. News paper was the item most recycled. The least recycled items were antifreeze, heavy iron, lead-acid batteries, leaves and brush. “I worked hard to accomplish this goal,” said Sabatini. “I didn’t foresee that weather issues, activities and homework might delay my project, but setting time based goals really helped. I also learned that I enjoy interacting with and teaching people.” Sabatini thanked her mother and project advisor Roxanne Sabatini for her guidance and Cindy Church at the Byram municipal building for her help in finding funding and with ordering supplies. Sabatini plans to attend the College of New Jersey this fall, majoring in mathematics and minoring in Spanish.