Veterans thanked at special service

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:27

Vernon — While families celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday, St. Francis De Sales Church celebrated its third annual Veterans Mass and service on Sunday, Nov. 27. The veterans were thanked for their service and sacrifices. A symbolic table set for one with a black shrouded chair remained at the front of the church to remind the congregation of the POW-MIA soldiers from past conflicts. The table is set with a red rose for love, while the color red also is meant to stand for the bloodshed during wartime. The white tablecloth represents purity. Also on the table are salt and a lemon square. The lemon represents the POW-MIA's bitter fate, while the salt depicts the many tears shed. The inverted wine glass means there will be no toasting. The church’s pastor Father John Boland thanked the vets and said he hoped the veterans will seek peace in mind and body. After the service, the veterans were invited to a lunch in the church’s social hall sponsored by the first- and second-year confirmation students. — Janet Redyke