West Milford students win big at Passaic County Film Festival

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:47

Paterson — West Milford High School students took two first place prizes out of four at the Passaic County film Festival. Communication Arts and Media teacher Michael Padilla said he and his students participated in the festival, which was held at the Fabian 8 Cinema in Paterson, and came away with several prizes. “Out of the four categories and over 40 entries around Passaic County, West Milford did exceptionally well,” said Padilla. “There were also several videos from West Milford that made honorable mention.” Applicants were required to be either high school students or independent film makers who lives in Passaic County. There were four categories: General Interest, Music Video, Public Service Announcement (PSA), and Independent Film (outside of high school). West Milford students placed first in both the music video and general interest categories, second in the PSA category, and third in PSA and independent film categories. First place Music Video - Runaway - by Dana Wong, Jessica Zajac, Gabby Murray and Alexis Foster This music video is about issues girls deal with. To view it go to: http://wmhs.phanfare.com/5007504#imageID=121278226. First place General Interest - Boardgames - by Harrison Fontan, Matt Trainor, Trevor Smith and Doug Hervey This is a comedy about kids playing board games. To view it go to: http://wmhs.phanfare.com/4946461. Second place PSA - Suicide Prevention - by Keith Popp, Ryan Hanenburg and Mark Lydecker This PSA deals with suicide prevention. To view it go to: http://wmhs.phanfare.com/4914523#imageID=115767854. Third place PSA - 180 Days of Pain - by Olivia Schultz and Lindsay Hefferon This PSA deals with high school issues. To view it go to: http://wmhs.phanfare.com/4914523#imageID=115767859 Third place Independent - Videos that Make a Difference by Michael Padilla This video highlights a project Padilla did in his class. To view it go to: http://vimeo.com/20032689.