'A Day of Beauty' for special needs girls

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:46

SPARTA — Jean Cotis, owner of Designer Jeans Salon in Sparta, recently hosted “A Day of Beauty” for special needs girls from Celebrate the Children School in Wharton. Students Kelley, Abbey and Diana were treated to hairstyles of their choice courtesy of Marilyn Muse, Susan Hagen, Sunny Masters and Leah DiGuilio. The three were also given manicures, pedicures and a full makeover, complements of Christine Jennings from NARS makeup. Event organizers said the girls were hesitant at first as they had not been previously exposed to a salon atmosphere or any of the amenities offered. With the help of the staff, the girls were calm, happy, and looking fabulous by the end of the day. Jennifer Mandato of Celebrate the Children escorted Kelley, Diana and Abbey to their day of beauty. “The girls really liked it,” said Mandato. “They really had a great time getting pampered. It was a great experience.” The Designer Jeans crew was equally excited about the day. “Out of all of the events I have put together in my 35 years, this was by far the most rewarding.” said Cotis. “The feelings were mutual for all parties involved. 'A Day of Beauty’ was truly an exceptional day.” To learn more, call 973-729-4002 or email to: designerjeanssalon@yahoo.com.