A look back at two Laddey Memorial scholarship winners

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:02

    Sparta — It has been over four years since the passing of Brian Laddey, one of the founders of the law firm of Laddey, Clark & Ryan LLP. His commitment not only to his profession, but also to the community in which he lived and worked is apparent even today. Following Laddey’s passing, the remaining partners at the firm made a promise to continue the legacy of their friend and partner. “We knew we wanted to continue Brian’s commitment to serving our community and our profession while providing our clients expertise and advocacy,” says Thomas Ryan, Esq., Managing Partner at Laddey, Clark & Ryan, LLP. “What better way to honor Brian and maintain his commitment than to create a scholarship program for dynamic students entering college.” The Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship has given over $10,000 to students who have shown initiative in areas which would likely lead to public service as a professional. Not only does the firm award this scholarship to outstanding students, it also follows the recipient’s careers. “Like Brian, this scholarship means so much to the firm. When we award these students with a scholarship in Brian’s name they become a part of our family,” adds Andrew Fraser, a partner at the firm. Clayton Smith, a graduate from Pope John XXIII High School was one of two students awarded the first Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship. Smith graduated from Bucknell University with a B.S.B.A degree and is currently employed at Camber Pharmaceuticals. He is considering pursuing a law degree or MBA. Throughout college Smith enjoyed not only a successful academic life, but also a successful track & field career specializing in mid-distance events. “I considered the scholarship a great honor more than anything else,” said Smith. “It certainly freed up some of my financial obligations allowing me to focus more completely on my academic requirements and my athletic pursuits. Most importantly, I saw the scholarship as a very powerful form of encouragement and support in the pursuit of my goals. It’s not often that one is privy to such an overwhelming degree of kindness from a benevolent stranger,” Smith adds. “Hopefully in the future I can carry on Mr. Laddey’s tradition of selfless charity.” “We are so proud of Clayton,” adds Ryan. “He is an example of the reason that we provide this scholarship every year. What an amazing testament of gratitude and commitment to education and athletics.” Amanda Gorman, a graduate of Sparta High School, is another testament to the students who have used the scholarship to continue serving others. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Amanda will be spending a year serving with AmeriCorps, before working on her PhD in Philosophy. “I did not realize that anyone had taken notice of my service activities in high school,” says Gorman. “I was excited to be awarded the scholarship because it was a great gift to my education and also because I was eager to continue contributing to public service during my college years.” For more information on the Brian M. Laddey Memorial Scholarship or to learn more about the law firm of Laddey Clark & Ryan LLP, visit lcrlaw.com.