Application deadline nears on tax programs

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:48

    TRENTON — State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff reminds taxpayers to file their applications for the Homestead Benefit and the Senior Freeze property tax relief programs before the Oct. 31 deadline. “Additional funds for both programs are available this year and in these difficult economic times it makes sense for every eligible taxpayer to claim the property tax relief they are due,” Sidamon-Eristoff said. The average Senior Freeze payment this year is estimated at $1,152.59, and more seniors are eligible to receive the benefit this year than last. The average Homestead credit is estimated at $475 — double last year’s figure. “Taxpayers must file their applications before the Oct. 31 deadline to claim their benefits,” Sidamon-Eristoff said. To be eligible for the Homestead Benefit, a resident must have owned and occupied a home in New Jersey as a principal residence as of Oct. 1, 2010. In addition, the homeowner must have had property taxes which were due and paid on the property during 2010, and must have earned $150,000 or less in 2010 if age 65 or older or blind or disabled, and $75,000 or less in 2010 if under age 65 and not blind or disabled. Homeowners who meet the eligibility requirements will receive a credit on their February tax bills based on property taxes paid in 2010. Eligible homeowners who have not yet filed can do so until Oct. 31 either online at or by phone (1 877 658 2972). More information at