Ballots now available for viewing online

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    SUSSEX COUNTY-In an effort to address an ongoing problem with the readability of Sussex County's sample ballots, County Clerk Erma Gormley is making the ballots for the upcoming General Election available for viewing on the Internet. "Ever since we switched to an electronic voting system in 2001, we've encountered a problem with the readability of our sample ballots," said Gormley. "In putting the ballots on the Internet, we're able to keep the font larger, making the information much easier to read, compared to the paper version, which some voters have complained is very user-unfriendly." "Unfortunately, the fonts generated by the system are very difficult to read," said Gormley. "And the situation is made worse because the screen fonts need to be reduced in size to accommodate all of the necessary voting information on the paper ballot." Gormley went on to explain that her office has no option in selecting the font employed by the system, and that State law requires the sample ballot to reflect a facsimile of what voters will encounter at the polls. "Getting the ballots on-line is one way we have at our disposal to address the problem, and we're very happy to be able to provide the service for the upcoming General Election," said Gormley. "It will give those voters who have problems reading their paper ballot another avenue to obtain the election information they need before heading to the polls." Those residents who do not have Internet service at home can access the Internet from any of the county's public libraries. Online viewing of the ballots will be available in early October, well in advance of the Nov. 2 general election. By law, sample ballots must be mailed to county residents seven days prior to any scheduled election. To view a sample ballot, log on to and click on the General Election Screen Shots menu at the bottom of the page.