Bear hunt day one

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:32

Protestors and news gatherers converge at weigh-in station Hardyston — The New Jersey Black Bear Hunt began Monday, Dec. 5, and the anti-hunt brigade was ready. By around 12:30 p.m. on Monday, protestors were out near the bear check-in station at the old Forestry Service building on Route 23 in Hardyston Township. By evening, the crowd continued to stand their ground; many came from out of the immediate area to join the protest. They plan to be on site every day, and a bigger rally is expected on Saturday, Dec. 10, according to organizers. On this first day of the bear hunt, protestors were peaceful. Some drivers passing by honked horns to show support. The protestors were confined to the grassy area across from the Forestry building between the Wok and Sushi restaurant and the Lakeland Bank. Major network news vans were parked in front of the Forestry building, but only hunters were allowed through the gate to the garage area where the bears are weighed, measured and marked on a map. A number of State Police officers and other area police were keeping guard by the gate to the garage and watching the protestors. They were wearing their bullet-proof vests.