Blessed Kateri Squires welcome new members

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:51

Sparta — The Blessed Kateri Squires (St. Leonides Circle #5177) of Sparta recently welcomed eight new members. Ryan Hutchison, Danny Hutchison, John Hunter Zoetjes, Luke Chozick, Ben Dottinger, Tim Hartman, Daniel Smith, and Jon Zachok participated in their investiture ceremony on July 8. Grand Knight Nick Cutrone would like to thank the members of the Squires ceremonial team including Joseph More, Jr., Frank Cutrone, Ben Insley, Ed Weaver, Sean Schoch, Matthew and Michael Dolecki, and Matt Brennan for their assistance. Also special thanks to Squires Dominick Bartolomeo, Billy Bliss, Kyle Bliss, Jimmy Bliss, Ryan Chozick, Isaac Moorman, and Grant Fletcher for their help and support to the new members. Past Chief Squire and Knight Jeremy Medina also was a member of the investiture team and was recognized for his past service to the circle. For more information on the Blessed Kateri Squires visit or contact Grand Knight Nick Cutrone at