C-Tech unveils Intro to Green Systems

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:38

    SPARTA — C-Tech Associates, a Sparta-based developer and manufacturer of educational programs and training aids, recently unveiled its newest program, Introduction to Green Systems. The program is designed to teach students about environmental responsibility and familiarize them with green technologies. Catering to middle school aged students (grades 6-8), the Green Systems program consists of four sections: Green Systems, Energy, Energy Generation and Proactive Green Systems. Each section details energy-saving applications that students use to create both a personal and a business, Green Action Plan. The course also covers energy-saving measures and devices, how electricity generation systems operate, and the value of renewable resources. All C-Tech programming is STEM compliant and rich in collaborative, hands-on activities used to reinforce key concepts. "It is more important now than ever before to educate the youth about taking responsibility for the environment," said Bill Brady, C-Tech president. "Students taking the program are also provided with a basis for our more advanced, certificate programs." Introduction to Green Systems provides students educational alignments in math, language arts and science. Although this 10-hour program can be used independently, the Green Systems program is ideal for use in conjunction with C-Tech's Communications Pathways Series (CPS), which also caters to middle-school aged students. CPS is comprised of six programs that use the ever expanding and advancing, telecommunications industry as a basis for highlighting the important roles science and technology play in students' everyday lives. The six CPS programs are: Telecom Evolution, Connectivity Conquest, Mission Breakout, Spectacular Spectrum, Expedition Fiber and Light Voyagers. These programs give teachers a dynamic, hands-on approach to generating interest in science and technology, all while facilitating learning. CPS also employs other core disciplines (history, science, critical thinking, mathematics, language arts and career awareness) for a cross-curricular experience. Programs include all the necessary supplies, are portable and do not require special instructor training. Administrators and teachers have the freedom to use them as supplemental material, as part of the science curriculum or in any other way they see fit. C-Tech supplies full teacher support, including assessment criteria for the graded activities. In addition, each program includes supplementary opportunities to learn more through links to entertaining and educational Web sites. For more information call 973-726-9000, email jenniferwc-techtraining.com or visit www.c-techtraining.com.