Coach helps jobless execs find satisfying work

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:53

    newton —Tom Caines, director of ClearVision Coaching, offers a unique solution for executives and managers searching for a new direction because they lost a job, either by choice or by circumstance. Caines begins by helping his clients determine the direction in which they want to go. Some loved their old job and wish to stay in the same field, while others wish to "reinvent" themselves even though they don't know where to begin. Other clients want help polishing their resume and interview skills, says Caines. He will role-play with them, getting them ready for the tough questions. He might also do an assessment that measures interests, attitudes, and values as well as managerial skills. "There is a lot of information on how to write a resume," notes Caines, "but little about how to deal with the emotional factors of losing a job." Many people are stuck with an image of themselves that represents their past. Some who are leaving their jobs use their newly discovered skills and talents to start their own business. The challenge is to move from having a desire to start a business to actually accomplishing that goal, says Caines. A trained coach uses encouragement, motivation, practical know-how and accountability to help the client put their plan into motion. Coaching sessions are conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and can range from four to twelve sessions. For more information, call 973-300-1159 or visit