County Prosecutor

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:53

    September 6 Ruby A. Selders, 34, of Buffalo, OH., pled guilty to eluding and receiving stolen property. Sentencing is to take place next month. According to police, Selders and a co-defendant took tools belonging to another person, claiming they were compensation for work done and no monetary payment made. They were arrested in Sparta Township on July 19, after being pulled over for speeding on Route 15. Dawn M. Rodano, 35, of Vernon, pled guilty to forgery and making false reports to law enforcement. Sentencing will take place next month. According to court records, on July 6, Rodano sent a note on a prescription blank from a doctor's office in Vernon to the Morris County Correctional Facility stating that she was at the office with her son and that because of it would be able to attend the S.L.A.P. program, a program in which she was serving a 30 day sentence for theft and obtaining a controlled and dangerous substance by fraud out of Morris County. Later, officers determined that the note and doctor's signature were forged. On Feb. 24, in Hardyston Township, the Rodano gave a false name to a Hardyston Township police officer after being pulled over for driving a vehicle without a license plate on the back bumper. Michael Start, 26, of Milford, Penn., pled guilty to possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He is scheduled for sentencing in October. Start was found to be in possession of two bags of heroin following a motor vehicle stop on Route 15 by Sparta Police Officer Lewis Brown. September 8 John Mihatov, 22 of Layton, was sentenced to three years probation, outpatient sex offender counseling, fines and costs in the amount of $1,055. In addition, Mihatov must register under Megan's Law. Mihatov pled guilty on May 31, to criminal sexual contact. According to police between Nov. 1, and Dec. 31, 2004 the defendant on multiple occasions inappropriately touched a girl under the age of 16. Tony R. Benitez, 40 of Vernon, was sentenced to a four year state prison term subject to the No Early Release Act. In addition, Benitez must register under Megan's Law and he is subject to a special sentence of parole supervision for life. Fines and costs are in the amount of $1,980. Benitez pled guilty on May 26, to two counts of sexual assault. According to court records, On April 25, 2004, in Vernon Township, Benitez while visiting a friend's house, Benitez had inappropriate contact with two female victims, who were less than 12 years of age. Sharon McNamara, 44, of Newton, was sentenced to two years probation. She must enter and complete a drug rehabilitation program and her driving privileges are suspended for six months. In addition, she must pay fines and penalties totaling $1,205, and submit a DNA sample at her own expense. McNamara pled guilty on Aug. 15, to possession of heroin. According to court records, the Newton Police Department responded to her apartment when she overdosed. Officers seized five bags of heroin.