Date announced for Woodland Behavioral’s official closing

ANDOVER. The closure will depend on whether the remaining 55 residents can be relocated before that time.

| 29 Jul 2022 | 11:20

The Woodland Behavioral and Nursing Center, formerly known as Andover Subacute, is expected to close by August 8, as long as all the residents have been relocated by then, Commissioner Jill Space, reported on July 27.

As of her report, of the 55 residents remaining in the facility, nine are from New Jersey. The rest are from New York. Discharge plans continue to be created for the remaining residents. There were 120 residents remaining two weeks earlier.

Job-placement assistance has been provided for the staff currently working at Woodland until the facility closes. Space said current staff members have been connected to multiple facilities through local employment services.

“I’m very happy to see that this is finally ending, and these residents are getting moved to a better facility where they will have better treatment,” Space said. “I hope all the staff finds new jobs, but I’m glad to see they are getting the assistance that they need.”

At least 83 residents have reportedly died of COVID-19 in the facility to date. The nursing home has a long-term care bed capacity of 543.

During the beginning of the pandemic, in April 2020, a police inspection of Woodland found 17 bodies piled in a morgue that only had space for four, which prompted further investigation and a civil penalty of $220,235, among other actions.