Don't let others bear burden alone

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:45

    To the Editor: The world has an awesome job ahead of it. Last week's catastrophe in Asia took the number of lives of nearly the entire population of Sussex County. But by occurring thousands of miles away, this event only shows us what the media brings us. We go back about our business, and rely on the countries of the world, especially our own United States, to come together in order to aid the millions left homeless and vulnerable to disease. But this problem is bigger than all the countries. We cannot sit back and allow the governments of the world to bear this burden alone. It is up to the people of Indonesia, of Italy, of the United States -— to reach within our pockets and within our hearts — and put this global tragedy in the front lawn of our minds. Among others, The Red Cross is mobilizing to help our fellow citizens of Earth, and did you know that the Red Cross is funded entirely by donations? I urge everyone to donate $1, $10, $100 — whatever you can, to the Red Cross so our fellow citizens of Earth can face their best chance for survival in their strange new world already tarnished by the horror they have endured. Call 1-800-HELPNOW or call the Sussex County Red Cross Chapter at 579-1600, or make a donation at I don't work for the Red Cross. I am merely a fellow citizen of Earth, calling out to my nearest neighbors throughout Sussex County to help make a difference. Patty Colvin Sparta