Enhancing the joy of parenting

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:57

    NEWTON — Parent coaching is now available at the Center for Prevention & Counseling. It is based on the most current research, providing education, support and viable tools to parents as they journey through the parenting process. The Parent Coaching Model addresses the impact of current society on children and the family system while focusing on meeting the developmental needs of children and teens based upon stages of brain development. Multiple studies provide evidence that parent coaching increases parental self-care, increases parental confidence, decreases stress and increases the inherent enjoyment of parenting. Through this highly effective and innovative model, the coach and parent create positive solutions to today’s unique parenting challenges, utilizing a strength-based approach. In addition, parents explore the dreams they have for their children and themselves. Parents construct with the coach action steps to help in attaining those goals while fostering an environment where their children can reach their highest potential. Both group and individual sessions are available for parents with children of all ages. Call Linda at 973-383-4787 for further information and fees.