Fall fest at Krogh's on Sunday

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:55

SPARTA — The Sparta Education Foundation is partnering with Krogh’s to sponsor a Fall Festival on Sunday, Oct. 30 from noon to 5 p.m. at Krogh’s. There will be a discounted registration for the Turkey Trot, food, beverage and fresh, handcrafted beer. A costume contest for kids, and face painting will also be available. Some of the highlights of the afternoon will be a dunk tank with Sparta school staff members and live music. “It will be a focus on family while having fun,” said Krogh’s owner Bob Fuchs. Fuchs, a Sparta Education Foundation partner, has been a major sponsor for the foundation’s Annual Turkey Trot which is in its fifth year, and has raised over $300,000 for the Sparta Public Schools. Over the last five years, Fuchs has donated over $25,000 which helped the Sparta Education Foundation attain its charitable goals. The foundation has funded projects in Sparta public schools in areas such as technology and the arts. When approached to sponsor the first Turkey Trot, Fuchs thought, “Who wants to run a race on Thanksgiving Day?” The answer, apparently, is plenty of people. The Turkey Trot has since become widely know as The Tradition before the Tradition. The night before Thanksgiving is always a busy night for Krogh’s and to reopen at 7 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning seemed to be a stretch, but Fuchs realized that being open on Thanksgiving served an important need to Turkey Trot participants and their families, especially as the event grew with each year. Fuchs moved to Sparta in 1981 and became the fourth owner of the historical location. In his 30-year tenure as owner of Krogh’s, he has seen many changes in the landscape and architecture of Sparta. He considers Krogh’s a rich history book of the community and his chapter being only one of many. “My passion and respect for this building and it’s history has only grown as years have passed.” He has organized several outdoor events which have benefitted local organizations. “I am always willing to gamble on an idea that makes sense, especially if it helps the community and those in need. I am now involved with other organizations who hold charitable events here, we call it 'Dining To Donate,’ and our goal is to sponsor at least 30 events per year. Krogh’s will sponsor two to three events per month and so far we have maintained our goal. We donate 10 percent of the sales plus additional incentives resulting in donations of about $500 to $600 per event.” Any organization interested in participating should contact Krogh’s at Kroghs.com and follow the “Dine To Donate,” link. When asked why he decided to support the Sparta Education Foundation, Fuchs said, “I am all about giving back to this exceptional community. These are the same people that make my business a life-long success. The Foundation is great to work with because of their organizational skills and unparalleled commitment to the Sparta education community.” For Fuchs, one day since his first in at Krogh’s in 1981 stands out among the rest. It was the Saturday after 9/11. Fuchs said, “As every business owner across the county feared war and a collapsing economy, I was no different. The days after 9/11 were slow and all indications pointed toward hard times ahead. Then, the Saturday after 9/11 was a record breaker for us. Krogh’s was where guests came to feel warm, welcome, relaxed and safe. I realized that it’s my job to create a meeting place for the community where guests can meet for good food, refreshing beverages, and genuinely great service, all in a clean building full of rustic decor.”