Flu prevention tips from Sussex County Pediatrics

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    Sussex county - With the onset of cooler weather, it’s a good time to think about preventive care against respiratory infections, including the flu. There are certain steps we can take to minimize risk, especially at the workplace or in school. Sussex County Pediatrics offers the following suggestions: • Wash hands frequently with soap and water, hand sanitizer, or handwipes. • Avoid direct contact with infected individuals. • Obtain flu immunization shots. Immunization is one of the most effective ways to protect a child against influenza. In fact, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) now recommends that all children receive flu immunizations. The vaccine is safe, effective, and inexpensive, and works naturally by using the body’s own immune system, making it stronger. Because the viruses that cause flu change, yearly revaccination is necessary. The flu may cause a sudden onset of fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, sore throat and headache, and may lead to more serious complications. The high-risk group for influenza and serious complications includes children from the ages of six months to two years, as well as adults 64 years of age or older, and those with certain health problems such as asthma, chronic lung disease, and diabetes. Sussex County Pediatrics says that now — before flu season is in full swing — is the best time to contact your pediatrician and schedule flu shots for your family.