Goggles leave wearers agog

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:54

    SUSSEX COUNTY - Gail Casabona got a valuable lesson just for putting on a pair of goggles. "I never realized how truly impaired someone is under the influence of alcohol and other drugs until I tried on the Fatal Vision Goggles," said Casabona, a graduate of Sussex County Community College, now a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey. "Wearing the goggles was scary because it was so real," said Casabona. "It's amazing that people actually get behind the wheel when they have had even one drink. I wore the goggles that simulate having a .06 blood alcohol count and I couldn't walk a straight line without getting disoriented." Fatal Vision Goggles simulate the visual impairment that is caused by alcohol and other drugs. The Center for Prevention and Counseling and the Sussex County Municipal Alliance will hold a legislative breakfast and Fatal Vision Goggles training on Friday, Sept. 30. The training will be facilitated by New Jersey State Police Sergeant Wendy Cooney and is designed to help people who work with high school students, college students and adults at risk of substance use and driving. When a person wears the goggles, the view is clear but confusing to the brain. This simulation helps wearers understand the loss of equilibrium that a person under the influence experiences. The training will enable community leaders to better teach high school students, college students and adults about how alcohol impairs the brain and body's functions. The training is open to anyone who works with high school students, college students and adults, including teachers, counselors, faith-based youth group leaders, employee assistance program coordinators, college health staff, and coaches. For more information, call 973-383-4787.