Hilltop students learn about the Lenape

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:27

SPARTA — On Nov. 11 John Kraft, of Lenape Lifeways in Stanhope visited Hilltop Country Day School dressed in authentic Lenape clothing to share his multi-sensory presentation on the culture of the Native American Lenape people. Students viewed a slide show depicting the daily lives of the Lenape people. Kraft also shared genuine Lenape artifacts including clothing, tools, masks, and games. Hilltop students were allowed to handle the artifacts and try on original clothing. Kraft ended the presentation with a question and answer session including sharing the language of one of New Jersey’s first inhabitants. Hilltop students tried the language by wishing Mr. Kraft a huge thank you with a shout of “Wanishi,” the Lenape word for thank you. Visit www.hilltopcds.org for more information about Hilltop Country Day School.