Junior zookeepers to have their day at Space Farms Zoo

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    sussex county-Junior Zookeepers will gather on Saturday, July 31 at Space Farms Zoo and Museum for a hand-on day under the guidance of zoologist Lori Space Day as she makes her rounds at the zoo. The Space Farms Zoo is home to 500 animals of 100 different species. This year's activities include a talk on Bailey the White elk and his new offspring, wild black bear safety, hands-on with Jenny the Woodchuck; and white tail and fallow deer fawns. Parker Space, co-owner of the zoo with his father, Fred Space, will lecture on native New Jersey snakes followed by a snake-handling session for the children. The Junior Zookeeper Day program is geared for children ages 5-15 and will start at noon at the 100 acre Space Farms Zoo and Museum complex, located on Route 519 in Sussex. The zoo is open daily until Oct. 31. Admissions are $10.95 for adults, $6.50 for children, and $9.95 for seniors. For more information, call Space 973-875-5800 or visit spacefarms.com.