Lake Mohawk trustee election on Saturday

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:48

    SPARTA — This Saturday, Oct. 22, the members of the Lake Mohawk Country Club will hold their annual meeting along with a Board of Trustee election. Since former Country Club President Ernie Hofer was hired to replace Fran Smith as the new club’s general manager, the nominating committee has proposed that Christopher Cronin fill Hofer’s three-year term through 2012. Cronin has expressed his desire to expand his involvement in the club. He has served on numerous committees and has been involved with many events over his 28-year residency. Incumbents Christopher Aldrich and Dean Reinauer are seeking re-election. Aldrich has lived in Lake Mohawk since 1968. He has served on many committees, including the Ski Hawks. He was the team’s president for seven years. Reinauer has been a Lake Mohawk resident for 28 years, a trustee since 2002, and an active volunteer in Sparta and the surrounding area. Both Aldrich and Reinauer are seeking election for a three-year term to begin 2012 through 2015. Incumbent Joe Wehmeyer has held a position on the Board since 1996, including four years as president. He has been nominated as president for 2012, and is running alongside Aldrich and Reinhauer for the same three-year term. Currently, Greg Yuskaitis is the one newcomer on the ballot. However, Yuskaitis is no novice to working with the Lake Mohawk Trustees and getting things done. A resident since 2004, Yuskaitis has been formally representing the interests of the 100+ residents of the Sleepy Lagoon Beach community. As beach president, Yuskaitis led the effort to make the swimming area usable again. There are now more events and beach membership and donations have doubled. Members Joe Warner and Barbara Wortmann are seeking a nomination from the floor at this Saturday’s general meeting. Each has lived in Lake Mohawk for over 30 years. Both are passionate about their lake community and are seeking a changing of the guard. Since Warner and Wortmann are not officially nominated and therefore not officially listed on the ballot, members who want to vote for Warner and/or Wortmann need to write in the candidate’s name. The Lake Mohawk Country Club general election will be held at 9:30 a.m. in the country club ballroom on Saturday. Absentee ballots are available from the club’s main office. Members need to go to the office before Saturday and show their 2011 membership to obtain and complete an absentee ballot.