Limecrest nears completion of paving plant application

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:10

    Presents their noise and water usage experts to the board at Sept. 6 meeting ANDOVER — Limecrest LLC plans to wrap up their application to the Andover Land Use Board for a 24-hour paving plant at the board's next meeting on Sept. 20. The plan calls for the plant to be built on Limecrest Rd. in Andover between Pinkneyville Rd. and Limecrest-Randazzo Rd. One notable change to the plan includes a reduction from 41 employees working in two 12-hour shifts to 21 employees working the two shifts. The applicant's attorney, Bernd Hefele, said that decision was made by his client in order to comply with Andover Township ordinances and that it was a "business decision." "We're just going to run with a smaller operation," said Hefele. Testimony given on water usage Hefele told the board that Limecrest would comply with all water usage ordinances in the town. Thomas Graham, testifying on behalf of Limecrest about water usage, said the company would use 30,000 gallon water tanks for the manufacturing process of the paving stone product. Graham said that was in addition to the 10,000 gallon fire protection tank that Limecrest would have on the site. The underground tanks would be serviced by water delivery companies and deliveries would occur 1-2 times a week for the 30,000 gallon tank. Employees would use on-site wells for potable water. The township ordinance stipulates that only 800 gallons of potable water may drawn from wells on the site on any day. According to Graham's calculations, the plant's 21 employees would draw 788 gallons of potable water daily - 12 gallons under the requirement. Hefele said he had received a letter from the township's hydrogeologist, Matt Mulhall, recommending a water yield study should the number of employees exceed 21 in the future. Another recommendation was that a water meter be installed on the site to monitor Limecrest's water use. "I don't really have a problem with any of [the recommendations]," said Hefele. Resident Jeffrey Wolk said he is concerned that the water usage profile did not take into account incidential use by truckers and other non-employees who visit the site. Robert Toedter, who is representing Limecrest as their noise and operations expert, said the water usage profile accounts for those needs and that Limecrest would not exceed the 800 gallon daily usage limit.