Local artist trains her camera and her wit on the bear hunt controversy

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    Sparta-While some people are already preparing to strongly defend their views regarding the controversial bear hunt in New Jersey, a Sparta artist is also planning to do the same, only with humor. A feature length motion picture that focuses on the debate is set to begin filming in Sparta. The screenplay is a comedy entitled "Bear Women." Filming for the project will run from Oct. 18 to Nov. 6. "Bear Women is a heartfelt dramatic comedy about five seemingly ordinary women who unite to do something extraordinary for their community," said screenplay writer Vicki Ferentinos who lives in Sparta. "Eventually, they get extreme and take hunters hostage ... Housewives become commandos." Ferentinos is extending an invitation to local residents to get involved with the film's production. She's currently looking for open fields that could be used for a campsite scene, as well as a yoga studio and a gift shop. She also is looking for extras to play hunters and protesters. "We're excited about it," said Ferentinos who has worked on several films. "It's a lighthearted way to address a serious issue." After completion, Ferentinos plans to enter the film in various film venues, include The Sundance Film Festival. Interested actors and other contributors may contact Ferentinos at (973) 729-4923, or by e-mail at bearwomen@hotmail.com.