7 tips for parents to prevent bullying

| 13 Mar 2013 | 01:17

    Bullying is a huge issue but there are preventive measures to try with kids to help prevent bullying. Psychotherapist, author and (www.dlcounseling.com) positive living speaker, Diane Lang from Flanders, offers seven tips parents can follow to help prevent bullying.

    Have them volunteer teach them diversity, respect for themselves and others as well as boost their self-esteem. Every time they help someone else it will raise their self-esteem levels and give them a boost of happiness. It's also a great way to spend quality time with your kids for free.

    Be a great role model don't show aggressive behaviors as a parent to your child, to your spouse or to any other kids. You teach kids through your actions.

    Have an open line of communication with your child so they know you care and that they have someone they can go to. Let them know you will always listen.

    Be an empathetic listener even if you don't understand how they are feeling show you're trying to imagine it. Really do it, imagine yourself in their shoes.

    Be an active listener let them know your actually listening — give eye contact, nod to show you're listening, ask questions and summarize. Show you're listening with your non-verbal's and hand gestures.

    Remind them daily that you love them.

    Most importantly show them you love them they are visual learners.

    Lang is a frequent guest on TV, radio and has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and blogs.