Aikido comes to Sparta

| 30 Oct 2017 | 12:50

Sparta — Aikido, “The Way of Harnony” in Japanese, is a unique method of exercise, stress relief, and effective self-defense for the entire family as well as any profession including security and law enforcement and it is now in Sparta. Aikido Center of Sparta is located at 38 Station Rd. Sparta at the Sparta P.A.L. Center next to Sparta’s Station Park. Aikido of Sparta is a brand new facility with plenty of free parking and easy off/on access to Rt. 15.
An Open House for the public, is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2014 from 8 am to 1 pm. Visitors are welcome to observe traditional Japanese sword training (8:30 am to 9:30 am) and/or a typical Aikido training from 10:00 am to 11:30 am followed by an open get-together, refreshments and Q&A.
Aikido is a unique martial art that teaches anyone of any age how to defend themselves without resorting to aggression or escalated violence. With its circular blending techniques a physical attack can be easily de-escalated and safely neutralized or, if necessary, ended with devastating finality. Aikido practitioners work together to achieve strong, yet flexible, relaxed bodies as well as calm, clear minds. Unlike other martial arts, Aikido does not have any fights, contests, competitions or tournaments—nor does Aikido Center of Sparta require members to sign any contracts. Aikido Center of Sparta’s open, relaxed and supportive atmosphere encourages mutual respect and support, friendship and a sense of community.
Aikido Center of Sparta offers all levels of Aikido training for beginners through advanced Aikido black belt training with classes for men, women, teens and children. Members can also attend all Aikido classes at all Aikido Centers locations at no additional cost. Members also and have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled special Aikido workshops, seminars and intensives. Aikido Centers of Sparta also offers, through its AiProtect Personal Protection programs, viable anyone-can-learn self defense methods to local organizations, schools, agencies and personal and corporate groups.
Aikido Center of Sparta is a member of Aikido Centers Inc, an organization of eigth traditional Aikido dojos across the metroploitan area providing world-class Aikido instruction and facilities for anyone to learn, practice, and grow. Aikido Centers is owned and operated by founder and chief instructor Greg O'Connor, an internationally sought after and officially certified 6th Degree Black Belt Aikido Instructor with Aikido World Headquarters (Tokyo) with over forty years experience. He is a full-time professional Aikido Instructor who devotes all his efforts to the instruction of Aikido, teaching Aikido throughout the state, around the U.S. and abroad. Sensei O’Connor is also the chief instructor for the Aikido Center of Sparta. He is also certified by the State of New Jersey Police Training Commision as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for New Jersey law enforcement—a rare honor for a civilian.
“Aikido is a wonderful, feel-good option for anyone pursuing a more balanced well-being,” said O’Connor. “Aikido Center of Sparta provides such an opportunity for all ages and professions and we’re honored and thrilled to be in sync with the vitality of this vibrant Sparta area community.”
For more information please call (973) 726 4500 or visit them online at <URL destination=" ">