Area municipalities get funded for road work

Newton. The municipalities within the 24th Legislative District will received funding of up to $5.3 million from state Department of Transportation grants. Stanhope will get the most with $249,000.

| 10 Dec 2019 | 01:49

    Senator Steven Oroho and Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths announced 34 transportation projects in their 24th Legislative District will receive funding totaling more than $5.3 million from Department of Transportation grants.

    “This is welcome news for local residents who commute to school and work on roads that need resurfacing and bridges requiring maintenance,” said Oroho. “The burden on property taxpayers is eased with this infusion of money that helps pay for badly needed transportation improvements.”

    The grants are provided by DOT through its Municipal Aid Program.

    “Our towns send more than their fair share of money to Trenton, and our schools don’t get the educational aid they deserve,” said Space. “It’s a good day when local municipalities are on the receiving end of some cash flow.”

    Mount Olive Township will receive $265,000 in funding. Stanhope Borough can anticipate $249,000 and Vernon Township will see $225,000.

    “These are significant projects that will provide safer, more efficient roads across our region,” said Wirths. “The annual cost of maintaining and repairing the roadways takes a heavy toll on municipal budgets and the taxpayers who pay for them. These grants fund road work that will benefit the economy and last for years into the future.”

    Andover Borough $200,000.00
    Andover Township $135,000.00
    Byram Township $160,000.00
    Franklin Borough $175,000.00
    Fredon Township $145,000.00
    Green Township $160,000.00
    Hamburg Borough $135,000.00
    Hampton Township $145,000.00
    Hardyston Township $135,000.00
    Lafayette Township $170,000.00
    Newton Town $175,000.00
    Ogdensburg Borough $135,000.00
    Sandyston Township $160,000.00
    Sparta Township $175,000.00
    Stanhope Borough $249,000.00
    Stillwater Township $200,000.00
    Sussex Borough $175,000.00
    Vernon Township $225,000.00
    Wantage Township $200,000.00