Beauty in the blood

| 24 Oct 2017 | 03:59

By Laurie Gordon
NEWTON — The “Vampire Treatment” isn't a trick: it's a real treat.
More formally known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) it is a non-surgical procedure performed by a nurse and an esthetician that literally uses your own blood –hence the nickname--to improve your skin. The treatment turns back the hands of time by easing deep wrinkles and crow's feet, erasing sun damage, helping minimize acne scars and pitting, and even helps with stretch marks. It's now available right here on Newton-Sparta Road.
PRP works on the simple basis of utilizing your own natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for thicker and tighter dermis and smoother and better-toned skin.'
Now available at Bella MediSpa, it is on of the cutting edge of regenerative non-surgical therapies. Owner Laura Rinaolo is a pioneer in the business who does a vast amount of research and works hand-in-hand with the medi-spa's Medical Director, Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi, Chairman of Plastic Surgery at St. Barnabas, to bring in the latest, greatest and most effective non-surgical procedures.
“Once we determine you are a candidate for PRP, our medical nurse draws a small vial of your blood, places it in a centrifuge to spin the plasma (known as 'Liquid Gold' in the industry), and mixes it with Sephyl Platelet Rich Firbin Matrix,” Rinaolo said. “Next, one of our estheticians micro-needles it into the face, neck or chest depending on the patient's needs.”
Rinaolo added, “We numb the treated areas prior for maximum patient comfort While numbing, we get the plasma ready for injection. From beginning to end, it takes 75 minutes.” She added, “You'll experience a 'social downtime' for a couple of days and then the results will. begin to show."
Rinaolo said she first learned of the procedure about a year ago. “Dr. Asaadi was teaching a rhinoplasty seminar, and throughout the day, he had different guest speakers. The last speaker spoke about her patients' results with PRP for face rejuvenation. The room was riveted. We were literally hanging on her every word, truly fascinated.”
Rinaolo being Rinaolo, she was in the speaker's New York Office five days later to learn as much as she could about the procedure and pursue bringing it to her medi-spa. As with all procedures she brings in, Rinaolo gets them done on herself first and conducts fieldwork and analysis before they come to Bella.
“The market is flooded with gadgets and procedures that don't deliver,” Rinaolo said. “With PRP and all that we offer, they're tried and true.”
Impressed with PRP, Rinaolo wanted to see if there was a difference in PRP manufacturers.
“Wow, was there ever! Two months later, I had it done again with PRP by a company called Selphyl. The results were so much more noticeable. People were constantly complementing my skin's appearance. It causes your skin to glow like nothing I have ever seen. I know we had found the system to go with.”
Rinaolo said, “Wrinkles are caused by collagen loss. With this treatment, we are stimulating the collagen loss which creates the smoothing and tightening. Whether you're 35 and doing preventative or 75 and doing corrective, the science is the same. The patients closest to my heart are those with acne scarring. There's only so much you can surface treat. By stimulating the collagen beneath the scarred depressions, we can smooth out the scarring while giving skin a healthy glow.”
Depending on the skin condition, three to six treatments are done once a month and “maintenance” is administered depending on age and skin conditions once or twice a year.
Rinaolo said, “If you are already using Botox and/or fillers, the system will extend the life span of these treatments. If you're not, it can be a fantastic alternative.
The Vampire Treatment is here, perfectly timed with the holidays around the corner. The only spooky thing can be the price with face running $1,200 and neck and chest $1,600, however the medi-spa has some great packages for both three and six treatments available.
Rinaolo said, “It's an exciting time in the industry for non-surgical solutions. We can effectively tighten and smooth skin on both the face and body with our proven systems. That being said, we also turn away or suggest alternative treatments to quite a few consultation patients who are really more surgical candidates. They might not want to hear it, but appreciate the honesty. That philosophy has us celebrating 28 years in business.”
Bella MediSpa is located at 277 Newton Sparta Road on the border of Newton and Sparta. Call (973) 579-7709 for further information or to set up a consultation or visit