Brazill-Taylor named one of NJ's leading women entrepreneurs

| 15 Nov 2016 | 05:54

— Diane Brazill-Taylor, founder, president and CEO of Pass It Along was recognized and honored with 25 other outstanding Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners of NJ at the Liberty House in Jersey City on Nov. 14.
This prestigious group of women was selected out of hundreds of nominations based on their strong business acumen and ability to both influence and inspire within their respective industries.
Linda Wellbrock, founder of Leading Women Entrepreneurs, said, "The women we recognize are amazing role models for women in entrepreneurship and business everywhere. Their tremendous accomplishments are representative of the increasing impact women are making in the world of business. Every year, we continue to be blown away by how many successful women are nominated for the Top 25."
Leading Women Entrepreneurs continues to recognize the hard work of New Jersey's top female entrepreneurs year after year with a mission to create a sustainable, ongoing environment that brings leaders together and showcases their attributes and contributions. More information about Leading Women Entrepreneurs, a full list of this years honorees and the recognition event may be found online at
Diane believes in living life to the fullest and daily seeks to help others reach their full potential. She aspires to serve with a deep humility and grace and to live a life filled with love and gratitude. Diane often speaks of this story to illustrate the basis of Pass It Along's programs.
"There is a beautiful tradition that takes place in an African village. They believe that every human being comes into the world as Good, in search of love, acceptance, and happiness. Sometimes an individual looses their way, it is the belief that this simply is a cry for help. The Tribe responds by circling the person. They remind that individual of how amazing they are and love him/her to back to wholeness. This love is what drives me to the transformative work that Pass it Along does. It's a reminder of the significance and lasting affect that the power of love has. Every time that we are with another human being we are offered an opportunity to share the love and reflect back to them all the goodness that is in them. We all have goodness inside of us... sometimes it just takes someone to help remind us of that!"
Founded in 2001, Pass It Along is a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the northern NJ counties of Sussex, Morris Essex and Warren. Pass It Along is committed to helping teenagers become confident, resilient and compassionate through self-discovery, volunteerism and leadership. Their vision is that one day, every teenager will have the tools and opportunities to discover and embrace themselves and their power to make a difference in the world creating a society of self-aware, healthy and caring individuals. By participating in the Pass It Along program, teenagers gain a strong sense of self, learn about the positive effects of helping others and are equipped to avoid risky behaviors. To learn more about Pass It Along, go online to or call 973-726-9777.