Buckle your seatbelts! The NJ State Fair Demolition Derby comes crashing in

Sarge and Son’s demolition derbies return to the NJ State Fair Sunday, August 8 and Monday, August 9.

| 23 Jul 2021 | 09:57

The demolition derby, a motorsport event in which drivers deliberately ram their vehicles into each other until there is only one left running, is one of the most popular events at the NJ State Fair every year.

Jeff Lewis originally worked the derby for the Branchville fire department - now, he’s been managing the event at the fair for over 20 years.

He said drivers love their cars and the excitement. Asked how drivers practice for the competition, Lewis explained that they don’t. Most drivers have been competing in derbies for years, and spend a lot of time decorating their cars with decals and sponsor logos.

Lewis also explained that not all derby drivers are men. Women are involved in races, and there special women’s events called powder puff derbies.

Tickets are required to attend the demolition derby at the NJ State Fair. To reserve seats in advance, visit www.tickets.njstatefair.org/tickets

There is a long list of rules that drivers have to follow at each derby. Here are just a few:
- All glass must be removed, including the windshield. A strong wire or nylon mesh screen is recommended on the driver’s windshield and window areas. Plexiglass is permitted on the driver’s windshield area.
- Any hardtop automobile is allowed, except for limousines, convertibles, Jeeps, and hearses.
- Doors must be fastened shut by wire, straps, chain, or welded and reinforced for the driver’s safety.